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Carpathia Tours

Carpathia Tours is a project to support tourism and mainly ecotourism in the North Slovakia - Zilina region. Since 2019 we are offering guided tours in small groups as alternative to mass tourism. Our mission is to bring people closer to nature and culture through personal experience. We believe this is best way to understand the values of the local people and nature. Lets explore Carpathians together!

Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian mountains are shapping the landscape of Slovakia from Danube river lowlands to the ancient forests of Poloniny National Park. Mystical forests here harmonisly alternate with green meadows, fields and pastures, mountain lakes and rocky peaks. On their foothills and in the valleys the beauty of Slovakia´s historical and architectural heritage is hidding. Wooden churches, authentic folklore, historical mining towns are waiting to offer you their hospitality. You can choose to hike in one of the hundreds of hiking trails, to visit caves, to watch wildlife, to relax with your family in one of the many thermal water pools, to walk around medieval mining towns and small mountain villages..simply you can discover what Slovakia is hidding in the Carpathian mountains.

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