In what language do you offer your tours?

Our tours are available in English and Slovak/Czech only. (we are preparing Urban Stories Tour in Polish though)

Where is meeting point?

Depends on your needs. Meeting point is generaly Námestie Andreja Hlinku 9 in front of Tourist Information Office (SEE MAP) or we can pick you up from your accomodation in Zilina. Please specify meeting point while booking tour.

How long in advance can I book tour?

Depends on our availability. Generaly we accept bookings done latest 24-hours in advance. Some tours however require booking at least 2 days prior (see tour description) due to our reliability on our partners who are involved. If you are lucky sometimes it is possible even the same day. Therefore feel free to contact us via "Book tour" button or by phone, e-mail etc and we will check.

How to pay for a tour?

We accpet cash payments on the spot or bank transfers to our bank account (EU countries only). n this moment we dont accept payment by credit cards/bank cards.

Do you operate outside Zilina region as well?

Yes. Based on your wishes we can offer and arrange for you tours provided by our partners in other regions. We co-operate with other travel agencies and guides around Slovakia (Bratislava, Banská Bystrica etc.)

How to reach town Zilina?

Zilina is transportation hub. Located just 40km from Czechia, 50km from Poland and 200km from capitol city of Bratislava. Therefore it is pretty easy to reach Zilina by train, bus or car. If you want to land directly in Slovakia there are many low-cost airlines operating from all around Europe to Slovak airports in Bratislava, Košice or Poprad. If you are arriving from Czech Republic nearest bigger city is Ostrava (Ryanair from London). Landing in Poland - Katowice and Krakow are nearby big airports however train connection is tricky, easier and much cheaper option is to use bus. There are direct busses from both cities operated by FlixBus.

FROM BRATISLAVA – by train 2:30, by car 2:00 - ZSSK Slovak Rail

FROM VIENNA – by train 3:30, by car 3:00 - OBB+ ZSSK Slovak Rail

FROM KOSICE – by train 3:30, by car 3:00 - ZSSK Slovak Rail / RegioJet/ Leo

FROM POPRAD – by train 1:45, by car 2:00 - ZSSK Slovak Rail / RegioJet / Leo

FROM OSTRAVA – by train 1:45, by car 1:30 – ZSSK Slovak Rail / RegioJet / Leo

FROM PRAGUE – by train 5:30, by car 5:00 – ZSSK Slovak Rail / RegioJet / Leo

FROM KATOWICE – by bus 3:00, by car 2:30 – FlixBus

FROM KRAKOW – by bus 4:00, by car 3:30 – Flixbus

FROM BUDAPEST – by train (via Bratislava) 6:00, by car 4:00 – MAV+ZSSK

For more information how to reach Zilina please contact us