Conquer The Castle

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Lietava castle

5 hours


  • Castle conservation works volunteering + 1-2 hour

April - November

Availability to be confirmend

By Car

1 persons 60 Eur

2-3 persons 40 Eur

4-6 persons 30 Eur

  • price per person (including transport, guide, lunch, castle tour)

Did you ever dream to build your own stronghold as a child? ...your own castle? Now you have a chance to fullfill your child dream! Not far from town Žilina are the ruins of medieval Lietava Castle. It is one of the hundreds castle ruins hidden in the Carpathians but one of most impressive ones. The castle was build in 14th century and it was considered unconquereble

Why? Discover story of the Lietava Castle yourself. This place is not only about great views.Join us to hike, grill & chill. Experience yourself traditional Slovak barbacue called „OPEKAČKA“and listen stories this castle is whispering in the flames of campfire. If you are searching for challange and off the beaten track experience outside of the towns..this tour is great choice!


Local NGO is operating here since 1999 to preserve this unique castle for future generations. Dozens volunteers are working hard on conservation. We are co-operating closely with this NGO. Therefore 5% from every castle tour profit is donated to support this project. You will have unique opportunity to help with castle conservation on the spot. Get your hands dirty and become part of this story. Well, who can say "I was building castle in the Carpathian mountains" :)


  • 1,5-hour hike up & down to the castle hill
  • Discover the castle – history, presence & future
  • Experience typical Slovak barbacue
  • OPTIONAL (1-2 hour) – Put your hands on and help to conserve castle for future generrations is unique opportunity . Be a part of the castle story (on request only – in case castele is under construction, type of work depends on the requirements of conservation process)


  • Local guide
  • Transport
  • Barbacue lunch / snack&drink in case of the rain (in case your are vegetarian / vegan please inform your guide day prior)
  • Castle tour


Waterproof jacket, closed toe shoes and prefferablly - some older clothers ( fire smell, working dirt)

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